Who regulates Indian casinos?

The National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) and the State of Arizona recognize the sovereignty and independence of tribal governments and their authority to establish their own governmental regulatory agencies commonly known as tribal gaming commissions or tribal gaming offices. These tribal gaming agencies are tasked with the responsibility of licensing and enforcement for compliance of [...]

What do the regulators do?

Tribal gaming agencies conduct background investigations on gaming employees and vendors and issue gaming licenses when appropriate. They also settle patron disputes, establish internal controls, test machines to ensure their integrity, ensure the safety of patrons, protect the tribal assets and enforce compliance with regulations by licensing sanctions, fines, and prosecution when necessary. In addition, [...]

Where does the money go?

Tribal regulatory authorities are also responsible for ensuring that at least annually, an audit is conducted by an outside independent auditing firm. The results of these audits are sent to NIGC and the Arizona Department of Gaming. Under Federal law Indian Gaming operations are owned by tribal governments. Indian Gaming revenues (after operational expenses) may [...]

Can the machines be “fixed”?

Tribal gaming agencies test machines to ensure their integrity. Gaming (slot) machines are totally computer controlled for random selection and programmed for minimum/maximum odds and payouts. The programmed chips which control these machines are tested and certified by an independent lab to ensure compliance with regulated odds and required payout percentages. These chips are again [...]

I think I’ve been cheated. Who can help me?

The Tribal-State Compact requires that inspectors be on duty during all hours of operation. If for any reason you earnestly believe you have been wronged in any gaming activity at any Arizona Indian casino, you should ask for a tribal gaming inspector. The inspector should gather all information and conduct an investigation. Some follow up [...]